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COLOR HOLD ® - Color Intensifier
COLOR HOLD ® - Color Intensifier - ALTERNA - Hair Color


COLOR HOLD ® - Color Intensifier
Hair Color

COLOR HOLD® - intensificatore del colore

- Enzymetherapy ®, COLOR HOLD is clinically proven to provide 10 times the intensity of the color and better coverage of white hair. Even after 28 days. The color is bright and intense as the first application.
COLOR HOLD ® can be added to any percentage of gray to cover exceptional, intense shine and to preserve the color longer. From the natural endpoint, the results of unparalleled color, prolong the intensity of the color and prevent color fading after each wash.
- Long lasting, intense shine ;
- Cutting-edge technology ;
- Certified Organic Botanicals to strengthen your hair with vitamins and nutrients ;
- Coverage of gray hair 100% ;
- UVA / UVB Protection ;
- Thermal protection ;
- Helps to mask the unpleasant smell of the color.

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