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FRAMCOLOR2001 - FRAMESI - Hair Color

FRAMESI - Hair Color


coloring cream to natural effect
Refined, soft, natural, Framcolor 2001 loved by experts from around the world for its extraordinary performance : exceptional luster ; coverage of white hair, vivid and brilliant hues ; gently on hair and skin, superior stability and durability, precise determining the level of membership ; complete freedom to invent new styles with all the nuances mixed with each other.
Framcolor 2001 was formulated with the Booster System Hi Tech, a technology that enhances the performance of the color from every point of view.
• amaranth oil for a wonderful sheen
• Vitamin C for added stability
• PVP to prolong the life of color
• derivative of coconut oil for better protection of the skin
• perfect balance of pigments and dyes
• lower incidence of ammonia content
Shades natural or fantasy, hot or cold, the gradations of 2001 Framcolor form a palette of extreme elegance and transform the salon into an exclusive Color Atelier, where he studied the color designer, dosa and creates the perfect color for each individual customer.
method of use : mixed with the oxidizer in the ratio 1:2
box: 60 ml tube