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COLOR SYSTEM - the color in 3D
COLOR SYSTEM - the color in 3D - HELEN SEWARD - Hair Color


COLOR SYSTEM - the color in 3D
Hair Color

COLOR SYSTEM - il colore in 3D

Perfect balance of cosmetic dyes HP formula, able to reconstruct the natural pigmentation of the hair for a surprisingly full color and three-dimensional. The hair take on a new light and brilliance. Formulation PPD Free, Low Ammonia to guarantee an effective and safe. Enhanced with Tri- Glycine in order to minimize the reactions of irritation and itching may occur during treatment professional coloring.
The line includes COLOR SYSTEM colors in the range:
PURE : Pure natural, dominant cold. Maximum coverage.
INTENSE : natural Mediterranean. Reflections deep and rich tones.
BASIC: Basic natural, dominant hot. Perfect coverage and full color.
box: 100 ml tube

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