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MASK WITH VIBRACHROMTM is the new system of permanent color cream Davines that employs a new technology can offer significant power conditioner is an extraordinarily bright, long-lasting color thanks to a more uniform penetration of color within the hair structure. VIBRACHROM is the technology created in research laboratories Davines which combines the best virtues of the natural world is textiles and cosmetics. From the natural world has been extracted the protein extract of Quinoa can increase the absorption of color and its retention within the hair fiber minimizing oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Its particular composition is also rich in essential amino acids makes him a key ingredient to the performance of MASK WITH VIBRACHROMTM.
The world of cosmetics a conditioner rich in Omega 9 of vegetable origin ' bright vibrant colors guarantees through a lipid film that protects and nourishes the hair fiber compact cuticles amplifying so refraction of light. From the textile world a Phospholipid carrier never before used in cosmetics ' increases the penetration of the pigments within the hair ensuring consistent color from root to end. It is also able to improve the color on the hair's bright and shiny making them. This ensures long lasting colour and an extraordinary conditioning effect. Blending the natural bases with the shades of riflessate VIBRACHROMTM MASK WITH ' the designer can customize the color and provide a perfect cover of whites. You can also change reflected ' darken and lighten up to four levels with the use of lightening booster 000 ' and get even five using lighteners. Having a single mixing ratio and only one shutter speed ' MASK WITH VIBRACHROMTM simplifies and greatly facilitates the work of the colorist. The service is extremely delicate color with a pleasant fragrance that counteracts the perception of odour of ammonia. The packaging material used to MASK WITH VIBRACHROMTM has been reduced as much as possible by eliminating any unnecessary packaging and minimizing the overall dimensions of the containers is allowing the optimization of transport further reducing CO2 emissions. The boxes are made from recycled and fsc paper compostable.
shades: 81 shades available for gray coverage up to 100%.

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