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Hair Color

The unique coloring system formulated by laboratories Farmagan allows you to get a vital staining and gentle that protects the hair from root to tip. This is also thanks to the active ingredients present in the lines :

- Mirustyle ™ : multifunctional polymer with conditioner and anti-frizz effect ;
- Biorestorer : substantivizing, restructuring and protection of plant origin;
- Extracts of Bamboo : antioxidant and nourishing.

Shades NATURAL (Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Blonde, Light Blonde, Blonde clear, clear platinum blonde), NATURAL INTENSE (Intense Black, Bruno intense, intense dark brown, deep brown, light Brown intense intense dark Blonde, Blonde intense intense light Blonde, Blonde clear intense, intense platinum Blonde clear), NATURAL dEEP (dark Blonde natural deep, deep natural Blonde, light Blonde natural deep), NATURAL iNTENSE hOT (Auburn intense heat, Dark Blonde intense heat, intense hot Blonde, light Blonde intense heat, intense hot Blonde clear, clear platinum blonde intense heat), NATURAL aSH (Black blue Brown ash, Hazel light ash, dark ash blonde, ash blonde, light ash blond, ash blond clear, silver intensified er, er intensify blue)

GOLDEN (Auburn, Auburn golden, dark golden blonde, golden blonde, light golden blond, very light golden blond, platinum blond clear golden, Golden blond intense, intense golden Light Blond, Blonde clear deep golden, gold intensified er), cOPPER (copper Brown, light Brown copper dark copper Blonde, Auburn intense light Blonde intense copper, Blonde clear deep copper, golden Auburn, Blonde clear golden copper), RED mAHOGANY irise (mahogany Brown, light Brown rich mahogany, red mahogany light Brown, dark Brown mahogany, Blonde rich mahogany, dark mahogany golden Blonde, light Blonde irise mahogany, red irise Brown, light Brown red light Brown deep red, deep red dark Blonde, Blonde red intense light Blonde intense red, light Blonde copper red, light Blonde red iRise, intensified red indicator, Bruno irise intense, intense irise Brown, light Brown irise intense dark Blonde irise intense, intensified er purple)

CHOCOLATE FASHION (Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Praline, Caramel, super dark chocolate brown, Light brown dark chocolate, cocoa Dark Blonde, Blonde hazel), SAND BEIGE (Beige Medium Blonde, Light Blonde Beige Blonde very light beige, beige platinum Blonde clear, dark golden blond cen. sandy blond medium golden center. sandy blond light golden center. sandy, Blonde clear golden center. sandy), SUPERLIGHTENERS (Super extra lightening natural, lightening Super gilt extra, Super lightening extra sand, ashes Super lightening extra), Jolly (Jolly pearl antigiallo, Jolly neutral).

method of use : in a non-metallic bowl stir until the mixture is creamy and smooth, FARMAGAN HAIR COLOR with Oxy Ready Performance oxidizing emulsion at 10-20-30-40 volumes to the extent 1 part cream colorant and 1.5 oxidising emulsion. For super lightening cream mix 1 part colorant and 2.5 oxidising emulsion. Important Note : Use immediately prepared coloring mixture.

box: 100 ml tube.

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