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Hair Color

with intense micro pigments and wheat proteins

Exclusive permanent color formulated with innovative nano-micro-emulsified pigments can penetrate most in stem ' with a very low content of ammonia and wheat proteins that restructures the hair ' leaving it soft ' hydrated and shiny.
The color is vibrant and lasts longer guaranteeing perfect gray coverage.

• INTENSE MICRO PIGMENTS: pigment nano-microemulsionati are able to penetrate deep between keratin hair fibers and bind to cavities. An important advantage that comes from the use of this innovative technology is the reduction of the already very low content
of ammonia because the small size of the pigments takes only a partial opening of the cuticle is resulting in increased cosmetic action.
• Wheat: WHEAT PROTEIN hydrolysed proteins perform a conditioning action and restructuring is thus protecting the scalp and capillary fibers ' giving softness and silkiness to hair. They is also effective anti-oxidant properties and reduce the formation of free radicals.
• LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: the delicate lavender essential oil is the greatest application in capillary treatments where the soothing reddening and enable the use of bleaching powder even if applied on sensitive scalps.

shades: 114 25 shades series ...

directions for use: select the hue by AQUARELY color cream to apply. Dilution 1:1 ' 5 with Aquarely oxidizing emulsion. Squeeze 50 ml Aquarely color cream ' which correspond to the contents of a half pipe in a plastic bowl and mix with 75 mI on
Aquarely oxidizing emulsion until a smooth cream is following directions:
-TONE on TONE: 50 ml cream dye ' 75 I to 10 you oxidizing emulsion ' shutter speed 25 minutes.
-1 50 ml LIGHTENING color cream tone: ' 75 mI at 20 you 30 minutes ' resting time oxidizing emulsion.
-2 50 ml LIGHTENING cream color tones: ' 75 mI at 30 you oxidizing emulsion ' shutter speed 35 minutes.
-50 ml 3 BLEACHING shades: cream color is 75 mI at 40 you oxidizing emulsion is 40 minutes resting time.
-SUPERLIGHT: 50 ml cream dye's 100 mI at 40 you oxidizing emulsion ' shutter 45 minutes.

packaging: 100 ml tube.

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