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DIANTEA - KOMIS - Hair Color


Hair Color

Professional colouring without ammonia-without PPD-no Resorcinol

Delicate, fragrant, great gray coverage, perfect and long-lasting color, maximum respect for skin and hair: are the main qualities of the new hair colour DIANTEA. These characteristics are derived from a thorough study and an analysis of all the raw materials of which it is composed. Are removed, therefore, ammonia, resorcinol and PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), replacing them with other ingredients less aggressive and more functional. It was also enriched with moisturisers to tone, softness and shine to the hair and ceramides to restore and maintain the skin barrier. Also, as per rules of the KOMIS, producer of DIANTEA color, the continuing studies and tests of its technical team lead continually gains dye composition, with the utmost attention to the security and safety of the product.

shades: Black-dark brown 3-1:4-5-6 dark blonde light brown brown-blond 7-8-9 light blond blond; GOLD: 6.3 dark Golden blonde; Copper: 7.43 golden copper blonde; Fantasy: 3.05 chocolate; SUPERLIGHT: 9000 natural blond super.

directions for use: with DIANTEA colouring cream you will get technically perfect and impressive results. DIANTEA colouring cream should be used with hydrogen peroxide emulsion stabilized at a ratio of 1 part definitely of colouring cream + 1.5 of oxidant (half a tube (50 ml) + 75 ml, 30, 40 volumes 20 stabilized oxygen).

Important: DIANTEA colouring cream can also be used as a traditional hair dye dilution 1 + 1 following the classical scheme (1 part to 1 part of color cream DIANTEA + oxidant). It is thus possible to highlight the most power and give greater prominence to the nuançature at the same time, keeping perfectly healthy shine and tone color fidelity.

packaging: 100 ml tube, equal to 2 applications.

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