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SOCO - Hair Tone on Tone

coloring without ammonia with anti-aging properties

New system of professional coloring without ammonia performances by the amazing : it covers up to 80% white hair, lighten 1-2 shades lighter and brighter highlights and gives to the natural hair. The total absence of ammonia makes AXENIA COLORANDA suitable for all hair types and especially for women, young people and customers who are stressed out hair and scalp.
Its exclusive formula is enriched with anti-aging active ingredients such as a concentrated extract of wine with anti - free radicals, detoxifying and rejuvenating the hair and extract sap from Bamboo moisturizing and nourishing.
The special texture in liquid gel, a hairstylist allows easy distribution of the product and the right amount of color pigments and active ingredients on the whole structure of the hair. Hair is strengthened and revitalized, lit by a bright color.
Shades available in 26 shades divided into families : NATURAL GOLDEN, TOBACCO, COPPER, RED, PURPLE AND MAHOGANY. The shades were chosen with shades and tints faithful to the oxidation hair dye Axenia Lab Collection, so as to enable the customer maintenance action between a service and the other.
AXENIA COLORANDA is able to meet all the technical requirements of the hairdresser with its unique balancer 6 % cream, delicately scented Grape Spina.
method of use : mixing ratio of 1:1 fluid dye AXENIA COLORANDA with his Balancer 6%. Installation time 30 minutes.
package : 60 ml bottle in case of 3 pcs + balancer in 1000 ml bottle

diamond effect

The new technical service without ammonia and without dyes is a concentration of molecules illuminating that in just 5 minutes gives shine and luster to natural and colored hair. A real beauty treatment that deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair dull, lifeless and frizzy.

method of use :
- For polishing effect, mix 1:1 with Axenia oxidant GLOSSY 10 vol. Shutter 5 '.
- For lightening effect on a natural basis, mix 1:2 with balancer GLOSSY 6%. Time 5-10 '.
box: 60 ml bottle in case of 3 pcs