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Framcolor GLAMOUR
Framcolor GLAMOUR - FRAMESI - Hair Color

Framcolor GLAMOUR
FRAMESI - Hair Color


cream dye oxidation
Ready to use, Framcolor GLAMOUR is offered in several different shades premixed and realizes:
scuriture 1 or 2 tones, lightening up to 5 tones, tone -on-tone colors, colors after pickling ; tonalizzazioni after a discoloration.
With only three specific activating light reaches aesthetic results and ensures the protection of a gentle formula thanks to the most advanced biotechnology. It makes use of the system Protective Coverage Technology that guarantees to hair and scalp treatment and restorative defensive combining the extract of boswellia serrata (plant in Africa and Asia) and 18 MEA which prevents
dispersion of color.
With less of the normal colors in ammonia oxidation, the keratin scales are less stressed and unloading of the color is reduced by 50%.
Framcolor ensures GLAMOUR :
• defense of white hair and the color
• 100 % coverage of white hair
• no darkening of the lengths and ends
• texture easy to apply and rinse
• shades mixed together
• pleasant scent
method of use : mix with oxidant in a 1:1 ratio.
box: tube eco-friendly 100 ml.